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Weightlifting is for all ages! Receive top notch coaching on the most complex lifts out there.

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Weightlifting is the ultimate sport, consisting of the Snatch and Clean & jJrk, it requires strength, power, technique, coordination, balance, flexibility. Above all, Weightlifting requires mental focus and discipline. The most effective way to learn these lifts is from a qualified coach in-person.


Take the barbell from ground to overhead in one smooth motion. This lift can be one of the prettiest movements done with a barbell, when done correctly.


Lift the barbell from the ground to the shoulders in one motion. Due to the nature of only going to the shoulders, this lift can usually be done heavier than the snatch and looks less intimidating.


The jerk is the final lift in competitions. After a clean, the lifter will take the bar from their shoulders to overhead in a second motion. This lift requires incredible physical and mental strength after performing a clean.

Expert Coaching

Head Coach Brian Lahr is a USA Weightlifting National cCach with over 35 years of training experience and 25 years as a Coach. He has trained under multiple Olympians and has participated in training camps all over the country, including the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

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