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Golf Fitness is a specialized program designed to optimize your golf performance. Our Titleist Performance Institute certified instructors have the knowledge and expertise to tailor fitness routines that will help you: Increase flexibility and range of motion Improve strength and power Enhance balance and stability Prevent injuries common to golfers.


Everyone starts with a consultation to discuss your goals, previous training experience and health history. We then perform a comprehensive movement screening developed by the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI screenings are designed to identify deficiencies and asymmetries in your body by testing flexibility, strength, stability, mobility, and balance - all key functions that can lead to impairments in your swing. Based on the results of your assessment and your personal goals, our professional coaches will design a personalized training program to unlock your potential.


Training with our TPI Certified Coaches will be unlike any other training experience you have ever had. We combine a variety of training and therapy methods to ensure that any movement deficiencies are thoroughly addressed. We remove limitations and build strength onto a functional base to have you moving better, feeling stronger and connecting with the ball like never before. You will be instructed, progressed and encouraged throughout the entire process as you work to achieve your fitness goals.

Private Indoor Hitting Bay

Practice in our private indoor hitting bay equipped with a Mevo+ golf simulator with Pro Package and EXPUTT putting simulator. The hitting bay is included with all Golf Fitness programs and is available to rent by the hour for non-members.

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