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What is powerlifting?

A strength sport consisting of the back squat, bench press and deadlift. This style of training will create whole-body strength through some of the heaviest lifts out there. The best way to continue getting stronger is through proper technique and programming. Our coaches will ensure that you are set-up for years of success.
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With the barbell on the back of the shoulders, descend the hip crease to below the knees and stand back up. Nothing compares to the squat when it comes to strengthening the entire body.

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bench press

Lying on a bench, take the barbell down to the chest and back up to lockout. One of the most common barbell lifts seen in the gym, yet done incorrectly by many. This lift can either be great or horrible for the shoulders depending on how you execute it.

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Pick up the barbell and stand upright with it. This lift is a bit more simple than the squat and bench press, which makes it a favorite by many. The deadlift is arguably the heaviest barbell lift, making it an incredible one for displaying whole-body strength.